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Bird Watching Tour

  • 7 Days
  • 1237 only

Bird Watching Tour in Nepal: A Special Interest Tour for the Enthusiasts

Nepal is home to beautiful species of birds. Bird Watching Tour in Nepal surely a perfect chance to witness amazing species of birds found in Nepal. With rich natural resources and favorable and diverse climate, Nepal provides a favorable shelter for varieties of birds. Nepal has recorded 876 different species of birds in the wetlands, national parks, forests and crop fields throughout the country. From the Spiny Babbler, the only endemic bird of Nepal, to Vultures and beautiful kingfishers, Nepal has a wide range of species of birds to observe. In addition to the native birds, you can also find several migratory birds.

Our bird watching tour takes the bird watchers to wetlands, national parks, and other areas. You can watch and enjoy different species of birds. With an accompanying expert bird watching guide, our bird watching tour brings you the amazing birds of Nepal. You can also click the wonderful pictures of them, observe their movements and behavior and get an amazing experience with those beautiful species of birds.


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Highlights of the Trip

  • Watch amazing varieties of native and migratory birds
  • Explore wetlands, national parks, and lakes to witness species of birds
  • Know more about the birds from the accompanying bird specialist
  • Take wonderful pictures of beautiful birds


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