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Buddhist Circuit Tour

  • 10 Days
  • only

Come on the spiritual journey on the path of Buddha where he had spent the most important stages of his life. Buddhist Circuit Tour takes you to the Buddhist holy spiritual sites where Buddha was born, enlightened, started preaching and achieved mahaparinirvana – the liberation. The tour will take you to the birth place of Buddha – Lumbini in Nepal, Bodh Gaya where he was enlightened, Sarnath where he started teaching from and Kushinagar where he achieved the Mahaparinirvana. The tour will also take you to several other Buddhist spiritual places in Kathmandu, Nepal where you will have a detailed insight about the Buddhism practiced in Kathmandu valley.

Visit the spiritual sites where Buddha once spent his life and learn about Buddha and his teachings. Experience the amazing spirituality that those places bless upon you to make your life a happier one than ever.  The tour starts in Kathmandu, Nepal and finishes in New Delhi, India.

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