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Bungee Jumping in Nepal

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Bungee Jumping in Nepal: Feel the Adrenaline Rush as you Jump off a Bridge

Imagine yourself jumping off a bridge or a high deck down on a deep narrow river gorge and bouncing up and down few times before you come to halt hanging down on a rope. Bungee Jumping in Nepal is an awesome adventure that you should go for if you love adventures.

It is certainly an extreme adventure that makes you feel like your heart has come out of your body. But for daredevils, it is a real opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush.


Highlights of Bungee Jumping in Nepal

  • A thrilling adventure of a lifetime
  • For the daredevils with a taste for adventure thrill
  • Beautiful natural surroundings as an added bonus
  • A great add-on to your main Nepal adventure


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