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A canyon can be defined as a deep gorge with a narrow stream or river flowing through it. It is quite fascinating, how a small river carves a piece of land into something so alluring and majestic. Now, if you are wondering what canyoning is, the answer is easy. It is a recreational activity, wherein you explore a canyon. Though it cannot be explained in simpler terms, the activity is a little more complex than this. To traverse a canyon, you need several skills as it includes a plethora of activities like hiking, rappelling, bouldering, sliding, swimming, wading, scrambling and rafting. In the most basic terms, it is a technical descent into the canyon, and it requires rope work. The activity may also involve jumping into the water and flowing with it.

The activity is known by different names in different countries. While it is called canyoneering in the United States, the people of Europe and its influenced countries call it canyoning. If you are in Africa, you would call it kloofing, and if it is in Japan where you reside, then you probably know it as river tracing. But no matter how many different names you give it, the dos and don’ts of the activity are the same

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