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Kathmandu Heritage Tour

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The UNESCO Heritage tour in Kathmandu is an incredible insight into the valley’s culture, history, art, architecture and spirituality. Visiting some of the amazing Buddhist sites brings you to the closer understanding of cultural and spiritual practices in Buddhist communities in Nepal. The way of their prayers, practices of rituals and the legacy that they are carrying for generations are some of the incredible things to learn about. Exploring the medieval Durbar squares takes you back to the medieval age to give an insight about the wonderful skills of the artisans living at that time, history of the royal dynasty ruling in Kathmandu valley during that time and many other ancient and medieval secrets and facts that can only amaze you.

An unbelievable exploration of Hindu cremation place at Pashupatinath area brings you the understanding of how passionate the death rituals are that keep people so honestly engrossed. The heartwarming feeling of observing and experiencing the rituals at the cremation site makes you realize the uniqueness of the cultural practice that is different from yours.

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