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Kirtipur Pharping Culture Tour

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The combined tour of Kirtipur and Pharping is a perfect blend of culture and spirituality. The town of Kirtipur used to one of the independent kingdoms in the medieval age and now it is an ethnic Newari town in the southern part of Kathmandu valley. The tour of Kirtipur gives a complete insight on the ethnic Newari culture and life style. Exploration of temples around there is an immersion into cultural spirituality.

Pharping is an outskirt of Kathmandu valley in the southern part. The village is full of Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries thus spread a high level of spirituality around. A half an hour of beautiful scenic drive from Kirtipur takes you to the fascinating village of Pharping where you will explore Hindu temples of Narayan and Kali, meditation cave of Guru Padmasambhav, Buddhist monasteries and natural surroundings.

After exploration of these two characteristically beautiful places your day will be filled with an abundance of cultural and spiritual riches and nice memories.

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