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Paragliding in Nepal

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Fly like a bird in Nepalese sky and feel the freedom in the air. Paragliding in Nepal is one of the most spectacular adventures in the world with stunning views of snow-capped mountains.

You will take off a cliff on a tandem glider and enjoy the view of mountain peaks on Annapurna range in the Himalaya. The flight will also take you over the beautiful Lake Fewa where you can experience the serenity and excitement at the same time. Flying along with other adventure enthusiasts on colorful paragliders look like a myriad of hues. You will certainly love the flight, the view of mountains and lake, and the experience.

You can also go for a solo flight if you are a licensed paragliding pilot.


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Highlights of Paragliding in Nepal

  • Thrilling adventure experience of tandem flight
  • Spectacular views of Annapurna mountains as you fly
  • Amazing circling around the Fewa lake
  • One of the most spectacular paragliding experiences in the world


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