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Nepal is an incredible country with diverse geography, culture, religion and wildlife. Nepal is a natural habitat of the wildlife species found globally, 3.96 percent mammals (185 species), 3.72 percent butterflies and 8.9 percent of birds. Nepal has classified the wildlife into two categories; protected and common. On the contrary, where the world faces difficulty to secure the population of the tiger, Nepal has doubled the tiger’s population from 2009 to 2018 and the number nearly doubled to 235 tigers.

The most popular Nepal’s wildlife destination or world heritage sites are Sagarmatha National Park and Chitwan National Park. Surprisingly Nepal has many more wildlife destinations to offer such as Bardiya National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Banke National Park and several other wildlife reserved areas. The wildlife found in Nepal is among the rarest and endangered of their species such as Bengal Tiger, one-horned Rhinoceros, Snow leopard, Red Panda, Asiatic Elephant, Ganges Dolphin, Himalayan Musk deer, Blackbuck, four-horned Antelope, Pangolin, Grey Wolf and many others.

Nepal is the best destination for travellers who love to explore the wilderness of nature, wildlife and Jungle adventure. In fact, Nepal is also the best country for research on Wildlife and their habitats. The infamous Safari ride in the dense forests and seeing animals preying is the extreme experience of the natural wild phenomenon. Additionally, Nepal has brought a touristic approach to promote and preserve the old and ethnic cultures of those protected areas from getting extinct. The tribes or locals of those protected areas are trained to create a museum-like community depicting their tribal traditions, lifestyle, culture and homestays.

While exploring the wildlife of Nepal, travellers also experience and gain insight into the tribal culture. Locals of those communities welcome tourists with a warm smile and cultural dance wearing traditional attires. Meanwhile, the cuisine served is authentically traditional and mouthwatering. The tour to the protected areas introduces not only the dense forests but also boating on the elongated rivers from the Himalayas to the flatlands of Nepal.


This is also a unique gift of Nepal to the world as far as pioneering of this extraordinary product is concerned in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Nepal is abundantly rich in wildlife and natural habitats, and these are preserved and protected National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries and Game Reserves. Royal Chitwan National Park is the most popular among the protected natural reserves of Nepal. Other National Parks and Reserves that are worth visiting are Koshi Tappu, Royal Bardia and Royal Sukla Phanta. Koshi Tappu is literally, a bird’s paradise. Parsa Wildlife Reserve is famous for its herds of wild elephants.

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