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World Peace Stupa Hiking Tour

  • 1 Days
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World Peace Stupa hiking tour in Pokhara is an iconic short hiking trip around Pokhara. About two hours of hiking takes you to the hilltop where a beautiful white stupa stands beautifully.

Our World Peace Stupa hiking goes across the Lake Fewa on a rowboat and sets off on an uphill walk through the woods. Following the well-paved stone steps up the hill, we hike through chestnut woods to emerge into a resting place. We can see a beautiful view of the lake, Lakeside town, and Himalayan range. After a few minutes of rest, we hike further up towards the top. After about 40 minutes of uphill effort, we reach the magnificent stupa atop the hill. A panoramic view of Annapurna range and Dhaulagiri Mountain in the Himalayas in addition to the fantastic view of the lake and Pokhara valley blows our mind.

After spending some time at the stupa we hike down to Davis falls for about another 40 minutes and visit the falls and Gupteshowr cave nearby. After we visit the waterfalls and the cave, we drive back to Lakeside where the trip comes to an end.


Highlights of the World Peace Stupa Hiking Tour

  • A peaceful boating trip across the Fewa Lake
  • Wonderfully beautiful nature hike up to the top
  • A breathtaking view of the lake, city and the mountains from the top
  • Indulge in the peaceful atmosphere of the stupa surroundings
  • Visit a waterfall and a cave at the end of the hike



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