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about Tibet

Known as the roof of the world, Tibet lies on the high plateau boasting crystalline sky and amazing Himalayan landscape. Tibet is a land to the Buddhist spiritualism that developed there since the sixth century. The famous Tibetan Buddhist spiritualism is responsible in setting an incredible cultural paradigm that attracts anybody fond of cultural wonders and simplicity.

Touring to Tibet is a wonderful journey in many ways. From the spectacular Himalayan landscapes to the spiritually rich Buddhist monasteries; from the majestic Potala Palace to the Holy Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar, the Tibetan wonders are priceless.  The simplicity of Tibetan people spreads the grandeur of this wonderful land around. Their culture, costumes, rituals they perform, life style; all these marvels are the true riches of Tibet.

A visit to Tibet brings you closer to the simplicity of Buddhist spirituality. Not only the spirituality but a tour to Tibet is an enlightening trip about the history, culture, tradition, nature, glittering lakes, and high passes in the Himalayas just to mention some of the fascinating attractions.

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